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President on Tour, 1945/06/25

Published 1945

(1) "Olympia, WA: Taking a brief vacation before addressing the final session of the San Francisco Conference, President Truman goes fishing (you guessed it, they all got away), and then visits majestic Mount Ranier." scenes of Truman guest at Governor's mansion, Charles Ross with press, Truman decorates soldier with Congressional Medal of Honor, fishes in Puget Sound in colorful sweater, travels to Mt. Ranier and throws snowball (2) Eisenhower Honored by Home Town - "Abilene, Kansas: The farm youth who left for West Point and a career that brought him worldwide fame returns to receive the honours of his home town. 'Ike' is welcomed as a neighbor, not as the hero who led his men to victory." (3) Jap Suicide Pilots Strike U.S. Carriers - "In the Pacific: Nip 'Kamikaze' pilots, in fanatical attemmpts to die for their Emperor, are shot down in numbers by one of our Task Forces. Some get through and crash their plans on the decks of our ships. Our men, attempting to bring their planes in safely, have trouble aplenty, one bursting in flames after landing." scenes of Japan targets strafed by U.S. planes, takeoffs and landings on aircraft carriers, fires, kamikaze planes attack, 90% driven off, one plane hits stern of carrier USS Bunker Hill, fire hoses, 375 dead, burial at sea, USS Bunker Hill reaches repair yard. (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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